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Advertising Rates
   Fee and payment particulars
dot Price:
  For placing one job Ads or Ad for personnel/s for the same kind of job, the recommended price is INR.365.00Ps. (Indian Rupees Three Hundred Sixty Five and Zero Paisa)
dot Mode of Payment:
  Payment should be made only through Account Payee Cheque and cheque should be in favor of
M/S. First Information Reporting Media”, payable at Visakhapatnam.
dot Mailing Address:
  M/S. First Information Reporting Media,
   How to advertise the job on this website?
It’s very easy to post jobs on this website.
All you have to do is to prepare all the content related to the job and send it to the email address with the
Subject: Fresh Ad – <Company Name> – <Payment details>
  1 Company Name refers to the company in which the job is vacant.
2 Payment Details – Please let us know the cheque number and Bank name.

Please include the following Content in your email.

  1 Information about the company.
2 Job Profile.
3 Roles and Responsibilities.
4 Essential Skills and Experience.
5 Location, Salary, Closing Date.
  Once we receive the payment into our bank account, your job will start appearing for 21 calendar days on
   Customer Service
dot Our Motto:
Our motto is to provide the best service to the job seekers and also to the job creators. Both job seekers and job creators are equally important for our survival. From time to time, we keep upgrading our service standards in order to reach you better than any one else can do. We promise that your association with us will be respected by all means, and this itself will make you believe that we are worth every paisa/penny that you pay for the service we provide.
dot Search Engines:
We designed our website with all the necessary keywords placed in the web code, so that we appear on the very first page of all the
search engines.
  For any further queries in any aspect, please, contact us at
   Terms and conditions
dot Only One Job Description Per Posted Ad:
  A single Ad should not include information of more than one job. How ever, in the case of job postings that require multiple personnel, then, it will be considered as single ad. For Example, “Manager – 3 positions.”
dot Display Duration:
Job vacancy will be displayed for a maximum of 21 calendar days, which include national holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, State Holidays. How ever, job already posted can be continued for another 21 days by making a payment of INR.200.00Ps (INDIAN RUPEES TWO HUNDRED AND ZERO PAISE). In some circumstances, we can allow ads to be placed for more that 21 days. The circumstances can be some thing like for example, care jobs or old age home jobs or human service jobs. Please contact us at
dot Quality Control:
In order to maintain the quality and authenticity of the service, all ads will be scrutinised before they appear. We require you jobs ad is appropriate to the services we offer, which means that it fits into any one of our departments. If you are unsure whether the ad is appropriate or otherwise, then please contact us at
dot Communication and Right To Reject:
We reserve the right to reject ads without giving a reason. You will also be emailed when your ad passes its closing date. This communication will be done only through email, so we Strongly Recommend all to provide your appropriate email address where we can reach you all the time.